Chef’s secrets

Provence-Styled Holidays at Chopin

Issue 90, May 2016.
In the very heart of Lviv, where business activity buzzes, cars cruise around, and crowds of tourists stroll by, you can find the cozy Chopin hotel complex at 7 Malanyuka Sq. Inside the elegant Chopin Hotel, you can find a restaurant that demands special attention – Chopin. The large hall accommodates over 100 people and has many vantage points that overlook the spectacular Potocky Palace square. The Provence-style interior will have you thinking of a sunny, summer morning – no matter what the weather outside is like. Guests are always welcomed by the friendly smile of restaurant director and sommelier Kostyantyn Chernenko. Chopin is the ideal place for wedding celebrations, as the venue is almost legendary for its romantic, love-in-the-air ambiance.

Winston Churchill Pub

Issue 90, May 2016.
How does one best go about describing an authentic Irish pub? Is it the interior? Hmm… Maybe it’s some tokens of Irish folktales? Possibly… But perhaps the real way to check the true atmosphere of an Irish Pub is to see if the guests are smiling and satisfied. You can begin the day with a steaming cup of coffee and nutritious breakfast, charging yourself with positive energy for the rest of the day. Or you could sit down for a delicious business lunch with your business partners. But the true soul of an Irish pub comes out after the pleasant beams of an evening sun have set. Lviv settles down, the hectic tempo and trams don’t clink so loud, and the business centres cease looking like anthills. When the faces of Leopolitans appear light, with slightly tired smiles – that’s the moment when you’ll know where to go, where life is in full swing, where we’re waiting for you: Winston Churchill’s Pub.

In search of honest meat…

Issue 89, April 2016.
Honest Meat – the recently-opened restaurant on Rynok Square already has plenty of questions: Why is it called “Honest Meat”?; What are the prices?; Is it worth visiting?. Considering the number of venues on Rynok Square, the new restaurant on the block needs to offer something special to differentiate itself from its competitors. After reading many enthusiastic reviews, we decided to explore the venue ourselves and the first impression was very positive. It has a beautiful yet moderate interior and friendly staff, which is a good start for a place that still features a sticker that reads “test mode” on the restaurant’s front door.

Gopak Restaurant Welcomes You

Issue 89, April 2016.
Ресторан “Гопак”, що на вул. Науковій, 2Б запрошує завітати в гості та насолодитися чудовими стравами української та кавказької кухні. Інтер'єр 3 просторих залів ресторану вражає приємним національним колоритом. Також знайшлося місце затишку й романтиці – альтанки ресторану - ідеальне місце як для ділової вечері, так і для романтичного побачення. Однак головною фішкою ресторану «Гопак» є, у першу чергу, вишукана кухня.

Come hungry! Leave happy! Gourmet burgers at decent prices!

Issue 87, February 2016.
As American cuisine becomes more and more popular among Leopolitans, themed venues are starting to pop up around the city. Finally locals can find an ultimate burger gastro-bar, Delicateka, located downtown on 11, Drukars’ka St. At Delicateka all ingredients are made fresh to original recipes every day – from the bun right to the sauces! The venue’s menu offers a wide choice of burgers, most of them made with succulent beef!

Tartufo – Lviv’s Truffles Ardour

Issue 87, February 2016.
Recently, the city’s newest shopping centre, Forum Lviv, saw a new restaurant festively open its doors to Leopolitans. Tartufo Trattoria, an authentic Italian restaurant with cuisine prepared by Chief Cook Davide Lagomarsino, is located on the mall’s 3rd floor. This stylish and cosy eatery, with an original and delicious menu that allows customers to purchase Italian goods like the delightful tartufo mushrooms (truffles), was successfully upgraded with the addition of its own confectionary: Confiserie Just!. Restaurant owner Olga Zhenchak kindly took time out of her schedule to answer some questions for Lviv Today.

Gints Osis: Mediterranean Cuisine With a Scandinavian Flavour

Issue 85, December 2015.
The illustrious Panorama restaurant – located on the 7th floor of Lviv’s Panorama Hotel overlooking the city’s spectacular Opera & Ballet Theatre – recently welcomed their new Head Chef: Mr. Gints Osis. Hailing from the Latvian capital of Riga, the new chef brings a touch of exquisite Scandinavian flavour to the restaurant’s already delicious Mediterranean menu. Lviv Today recently sat down with the city’s newest big-name chef.


Issue 84, November 2015.
On October 30th, in sophisticated atmosphere, Mon Chef meat restaurant introduced the new menu to the regular guests.


Issue 41, December 2011.
Austrian Master Chef Emanuel Wernbacher wholeheartedly congratulates the lucky winners of the culinary contest, who captured the art and spontaneous beauty of a modern version of completed traditional Ukrainian dish, combined it with a step-by-step recipe and submitted to the Lviv Today editorial.

Recipe for Aubergine Rolls

Issue 40, November 2011.
Exclusively for Lviv Today readers, Leopolis Hotel Chef Emanuel Wernbacher presents a delicious dish from the hotel’s new Lev Restaurant menu which is available now.