Chef’s secrets

Rock’n’Dog: Fresh Ideas in the Ancient City

Issue 99, March 2017.
A new venue popped up in Lviv recently, just a stone cast away from the Delicateka gastro pub at 33 Lesi Ukrainky St. – Rock’n’Dogs. This trendy locale offers up a wide selection of hotdogs, sausage dishes, craft beer, spirits, and freshly roasted coffee. In addition to the bar, the venue also features a showroom filled with clothes and accessories by Ukrainian designers as well as a tattoo studio!

Akurat: Top-Notch Culinary Choices

Issue 98, February 2017.
Ruslan Sorochinskiy – the brand chief at holding Akurat – shared his culinary story with Lviv Today and gave a couple of tasty tips.

Enoteca – Wine & Hard Liquor Repository

Issue 97, January 2017.
The word ‘enoteca’ is of Greek origin and literally means wine repository of collection of bottled wine.

Lviv’s “Akurat” group

Issue 96, December 2016.
Now that the long-awaited holiday season is here, it’s a time to join Ukrainians in celebrations full of eating, drinking, singing carols, and sending greetings! Who you sing carols with or invite over for Christmas dinner is up to you to decide, but we here at Lviv Today would like to present a short guide of several venues that you might want to take your friends to as they are located just 5 minutes from Lviv’s wonderful Opera & Ballet Theatre and the city’s main Christmas Tree out front.

Trattoria Tartufo – Tasty and Stylish!

Issue 95, November 2016.
Today’s restaurant interior has practically become synonymous with the brand itself and is an integral part of any culinary experience. That’s why we wanted to let Lviv Today readers know about the prestigious Restaurant & Bar Design Awards – the only international award that features a contest for designers that create interesting and impressive interior concepts in restaurants and pubs around the world. It’s considered prestigious to be even shortlisted for the award, and that’s why we’re proud to announce that Ukraine’s only representative among 217 worldwide projects is Lviv’s-own Trattoria Tartufo!

The New Beaujolais Has Arrived!

Issue 95, November 2016.
Located in the very heart of the city, Lviv’s famed Chopin Restaurant invites guests to join them for the jolly Beaujolais Nouveau Festival from November 17 – December 1. Originating in the French region of Burgundy in the 19th-Century, this holiday is celebrated by participating in wine tastings over several days. So join us at Chopin, because: “Le Beaujolais noveau est arrive!” (The new Beaujolais has arrived!).

Where in Lviv can one find Italian Delizia?

Issue 93, September 2016.
Every year Lviv attracts all kinds of foreigners – some enjoy the sights of the ancient city, some look to collaborate with Ukrainian business leaders, and some are lucky enough to find their true love here, as well as that feeling of “home, sweet home”. That is the story of Italy’s Daniele Leggiero, the founder and chief cook of the new Delizia Italian restaurant located at 27 Lesya Ukrainka St. Despite his hectic schedule, Daniel was kind enough to find some time to share his own story with Lviv Today readers.

Chopin’s New Melody!

Issue 92, July 2016.
The Chopin restaurant has once again found a way to amaze its guests. As always, Lviv Today is cordially welcomed by restaurant director and sommelier Kostyantyn Chernenko, who introduces us to the venue’s new chief cook Anton Timchenko. At 28, he is new to Lviv from Kyiv, but he’s already adding his own notes to the restaurant’s melody, and is eager to share with us his views and future plans.

ArArAt : Evening of Exquisite Delight

Issue 91, June 2016.
Lviv’s Citadel Inn Hotel played host for the presentation and tasting of the legendary Armenian cognac ArArAt. ArArAt is a true legend that features as the national spirit of Armenia, and Brand Ambassador Kristina Ishkhanyan welcomed Leopolitans and guests of the city by introducing them to the history, production, and taste of this exquisite liquor. She also shared many interesting and little-known facts about the creation of the famous beverage and reminded those in attendance that while the Yerevan Brandy Company carefully preserves the dearest ancient traditions of the company, they also follow the latest, top-quality standards for the well-established brand.

Jazzing it up with Chopin!

Issue 91, June 2016.
The Chopin restaurant is truly a unique cultural hub in Lviv that brings together music lovers with culinary aficionados. How could it be any other way for a restaurant named after the famed composer? Live music performed by professional artists, an exquisite interior, and spectacularly delicious cuisine make Chopin a popular delight among both Leopolitans and guests of the city.