Chef’s secrets

Healthy Energy from Power Food

Issue 109, February 2018.
Lviv’s first Power Food healthy-eating restaurant recently opened its doors for those who think that wholesome nutrition and flavorful food should go hand in hand. No dishes prepared at the restaurant contain any harmful additives as quality and efficacy come first. With a menu prepared by professionals, each dish contains a proper balance of protein, carbs, and fats, while keeping a calculated calorie count. Among the mouthwatering and healthy dishes come favorites like minestrone soup, pumpkin soup with coconut milk, quinoa and bulgur with vegetables, Dorado baked on Grillvapor with cherry tomatoes and zucchini, and roast beef bruschetta with chick pea paste. The restaurant also promises to introduce food delivery and many other tasty surprises in the near future.

Lviv Truffles Ardour Continues

Issue 107, December 2017.
Leopolitan Italian food lovers and guests of the city have been enjoying authentic Italian cuisine from Tartufo Trattoria’s chief cook Davide Lagomarsino for nearly two years now. Located on the third floor of Lviv’s TM Forum, the venue has become known for its specialty dishes based on truffles mushrooms. Lviv Today enjoyed their delicacies while speaking with the charismatic Italian cook and the restaurant’s charming and energetic owner, Olga Zhenchak.

The Culinary Heights of Soprano

Issue 107, December 2017.
Leopolitans and guests of the city now have the wonderful opportunity to discover Lviv’s spectacular beauty from a bird’s eye view thanks to the incredible terrace of the new Soprano restaurant, located on the 7th floor of the Taurus City hotel (9 Kn. Sviatoslava Sq.). This wonderful venue brings a spacious interior, exquisite cuisine, and excellent service to its exceptional location – just five minutes away from St. George’s Cathedral and a 15-minute walk to the Opera Theatre.

Park: Art of Rest

Issue 106, November 2017.
Do you remember the Druzhba cinema in the B. Khmelnitskyi Park of Leisure & Culture? The favourable venue location allowed visitors to combine a stroll in the park with a night out at the movies. The cinema ceased operations in the ‘80s along with many other ruined buildings in the park. The premises laid abandoned, waiting for someone to come along and restore their former glory. It was Leopolitan Taras Kolodiy that took up the initiative. Founder of the Akurat group, which operates Lviv restaurants like ‘Hrushevsky’, ‘Honest Meat’, and the award-winning ‘Virmenka’ coffeehouse, as well as the ‘Modern’ art-hotel and ‘Tinctures from Lviv’ shops, Kolodiy restored the cinema premises into a leisure complex called ‘Park: Art of Rest’. This spectacular location features two spacious halls for up to 500 people, which will play host for free of charge film screenings and will provide a sensational view of the park’s greenery. Lviv Today spoke to the team of professionals who, alongside Kolodiy, brought to life this grand project.

Romantic Culinary Getaway

Issue 100, April 2017.
With warmer weather outdoors, you might feel like going out into the country to plunge into the beauty of spring nature. Edem Resort Medical & Spa – a world of green and an oasis of relaxation located just 24 km from Lviv – invites you to enjoy your holidays at the Terasa Restaurant from March 8th.

Corks & Crumbs: Bread, Wine, and Great Impressions

Issue 100, April 2017.
Konstantyn Smoliy, the man behind the creation of Delicateka and Rock’n’Dogs, has gone the extra mile by opening another stylish venue – Corks & Crumbs – near the others at 27 Lesi Ukrainky St. The restaurant offers wines from around the world at a great price and other goods that pair great with wine. There is even a small shop that sells wines, baked goods, fruit jams, and other delicacies.

Rock’n’Dog: Fresh Ideas in the Ancient City

Issue 99, March 2017.
A new venue popped up in Lviv recently, just a stone cast away from the Delicateka gastro pub at 33 Lesi Ukrainky St. – Rock’n’Dogs. This trendy locale offers up a wide selection of hotdogs, sausage dishes, craft beer, spirits, and freshly roasted coffee. In addition to the bar, the venue also features a showroom filled with clothes and accessories by Ukrainian designers as well as a tattoo studio!

Akurat: Top-Notch Culinary Choices

Issue 98, February 2017.
Ruslan Sorochinskiy – the brand chief at holding Akurat – shared his culinary story with Lviv Today and gave a couple of tasty tips.

Enoteca – Wine & Hard Liquor Repository

Issue 97, January 2017.
The word ‘enoteca’ is of Greek origin and literally means wine repository of collection of bottled wine.

Lviv’s “Akurat” group

Issue 96, December 2016.
Now that the long-awaited holiday season is here, it’s a time to join Ukrainians in celebrations full of eating, drinking, singing carols, and sending greetings! Who you sing carols with or invite over for Christmas dinner is up to you to decide, but we here at Lviv Today would like to present a short guide of several venues that you might want to take your friends to as they are located just 5 minutes from Lviv’s wonderful Opera & Ballet Theatre and the city’s main Christmas Tree out front.